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Price: $29.00 (monthly)

Words from John Tahan (Owner-Digital Marketer)

If you’re a complete beginner at digital marketing, you should start with these courses listed below in those specific orders. As an online marketer, the first thing you should learn is how to build a website and you should also learn hosting and cPanel manipulation to be able to understand the functioning of your website and how to upload files, images, videos, etc. You should then learn about simple graphic design and manipulation with Photoshop and other image manipulation software in order to save you a whole lot of money. Sure you can hire the services of a graphic artist for professional logos, banners ads, etc. on Fiverr or UpWork. Since most beginners don’t have the necessary funds to hire various experts to build their websites, landing pages, sales funnels, etc. , it’s best to learn as much as you can on your own and keep your money for buying paid traffic. Once the money starts to roll in, you can hire the expertise you need to cut down on time spent at creating everything yourself. The most popular platform to learn for website building and landing pages creation is the WordPress platform.

Next you should learn how to build a list of subscribers (that part is called email marketing) because the money is in your list. Not any list, but a responsive list of buyers, it’s not about the quantity of subscribers you have on your list but the quality of your subscribers and how well your list is converting.  That comes with experience at mastering list building skills and email marketing management platforms and knowing how to target and segment your email list subscribers. There are many CRM-Email marketing auto-responder platforms out there to chose from. InfusionSoft is highly rated but expensive, my favorite choice is Active Campaign which has the same features as InfusionSoft for a fraction of the cost and frankly more user friendly. You can also use free plans of some platforms such as: MailChimp, MailerLite and others. You can also use good ones like AWeber or GetResponse.

The sooner you learn to master email marketing, the sooner you will be able to build business relationships with your potential leads and turn them into buyers. Of course you also need to learn how to master these email marketing platforms and CRMs (customer relationship management) platforms in order to take advantage of this powerful business model.

You should then learn how to generate traffic using organic SEO methods and paid advertising along with SMM (social media marketing). The most powerful paid advertising platform for search is Google Ads (AdWords) which is a targeted search engine advertising platform. It will bring you results a lot quicker than Facebook ads which is more of an interruption base marketing. Google Ads also have options for display network, shopping network, YouTube network.

There are so many business models to follow online and it can be extremely overwhelming of the amount of content and tools you need to learn and master in order to make a success at online marketing. Competition is fierce so you need to establish a plan and stay focused. If you decide to follow the affiliate marketing business model, then you should learn everything you can on this subject and stick to it until you see results before jumping in another business model. Good networks to start affiliate marketing are Amazon affiliates and Clickbank for digital marketing products. Sure there are tons of other affiliate networks such as Walmart, BestBuy, ShareASale, CPA networks and whole lot more but you need to pick one or two at the most and stick with them. If you don’t,  you will start to get overwhelmed and lose your focus. You won’t be able to achieve your goals you set for yourself!

I have been learning, building and marketing online since Google came out over 21 years ago. I have jump from many different business models and lost so much time and money trying to learn everything there is out there. I finally decided to focus on developing my digital marketing services business for local clients helping them to get more clients online, providing web design, development, sales funnel automation, SEO and SEM paid advertising services. Recently I decided to share my knowledge with apprentice digital marketers by building this membership site.

I have done affiliate marketing, CPA offers, Clickbank marketing, Adsense business model, e-Commerce and product importation from China. I have been an Amazon affiliate marketer for many years and found some level of success at it. I have been an Amazon FBA vendor, I have developed WordPress plugins for real estate agents, I have created many online marketing digital products,  I have built thousands of websites and landing pages and marketed everything under the sun.

I also sold music CDs online from my former musician background. I’m also a Google Ads (AdWords certified partner) certified Google Analytics and handled accounts to the excess of 1 million dollars a year for clients so I have a wide range of internet marketing knowledge and experiences.  I have also been a platinum expert writer at Ezine Articles since 2007. My team and I have put together these short and long courses to enable you to take advantage of our years of experience marketing online.

Stay focused on one business model until you see success then you can move on to another business model. By far, the most important skills out there to learn are how to generate targeted traffic to any offers using SEO and paid advertising platforms, capturing leads with a state of the art sales funnel you created and building responsive email lists. You also need to write great content or hire a content writer because you will need a ton of content for your websites, landing pages, sales funnel, email swipes, SEO, organic posts, etc.

Please beware of gurus that are promising you riches if you buy their rehashed courses. There are no special secrets, no shortcuts or any magic bullets to bring you riches online.

The only way you will achieve good results faster is by following my golden rule:

(You need to put the time and effort and learn the skills of a digital marketer and stick to one business model that has proven to work over the years until you see good results. Never, Never, Never jump from one thing to the next new thing because you don’t see results right away, stick to it until you see good results as you will never achieve worthwhile success online. You can and should only move on to another business model once your first business model has achieved success. You need to discipline yourself and stay focused).  

If you’re an entrepreneur, goal oriented, focused and have self-taught and self-discipline skills, this membership is for you as you will learn everything you need to learn online to achieve success at a very low cost of $29.00 a month.

Here’s the list of some of the video courses I recommend for beginners in our membership section. You also have another option if you don’t want to join our membership courses, you can download each paid courses individually by click on this link here. 

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Price: $29.00 (monthly)


 1 – Hosting-Cpanel

2 – WordPress 43 Tutorials

3 – Graphic design for complete beginners

4 – Internet Marketer For Complete Beginner

5 – 5 Ways to start an online marketing business

6 – SEO (On page optimization)

7- List Building (e-mail marketing)

8- Sales Funnels

9- SMM (social media marketing) start with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, etc.

10- Video Marketing

11- Paid advertising : Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads and more.

12- Learn Remarketing-retargeting : Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads

13- Tracking everyting (Analytics)

14- Affiliate Marketing (Amazon FBA, Clickbank)



We have presently 50+ internet marketing video courses ready for viewing, and we are always adding new courses on a daily basis. You can watch these videos right away in our membership area sorted by niches and topics.


Just to name a few:  TikTok Marketing, Facebook Ads, Facebook Groups, Pinterest marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Twitter Marketing, Instagram marketing, SEO, Amazon FBA, affiliate marketing, Clickbank marketing, cPanel, Membership site building, Make Money On Fiverr, JVZoo product selling, Sales Funnels, Email marketing and much, much more!


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Price: $29.00 (monthly)